rootless // ellie&mel

Mel hadn’t come out of her room in what seemed like forever… maybe two weeks.  She didn’t put any effort to coming out now, didn’t want to—the brunette knew she looked like hell, so she didn’t change out of her pajamas or anything.  Her plan—the impromptu one she had—was to just relax; sit on a bench, pretend to read a book, and then go back inside after an hour.

Instead, she bumped into someone almost right away—a someone Mel had met maybe once…  What was her name?  She was Emma’s friend… only friend, or best friend maybe… Elle?  Was that it?  “Um,” Mel bit her lip, not sure what to say, “Elle, right?  I guess, I’m, um, sorry for bumping into you and not paying attention… and stuff.”  She plopped down on the… grass, actually.  Apparently, Mel had gone farther out of Aether than she thought.

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